Driving Crash Courses with Guaranteed Quick Driving Tests

Driving Crash Courses are the best and fastest way to pass your Theory and Practical Driving Test.

You will receive one to one driving tuition at all times . Our Driving Instructors are fully qualified (not trainees) and highly graded by the Dvsa.

We provide a variety of Driving Crash Courses to suit your driving needs and schedule. Most Driving Schools only offer Driving Crash Courses Monday to Friday
9am-5pm. We offer flexible courses so you can choose a  Driving Crash Course which suits your schedule.

 1 Day Driving Pass Courses with Quick Driving Tests

Fast track Driving Crash Courses provides a 1 Day Driving Pass Course for pupils who recently failed a Driving

Test and need to pass their Driving Test in just 1 Day. (5 hour and 6 hour Re-Test Courses)

Book an 8 hour or 10 hour Re-Test Driving Course over 2-3 Days (for the Driver who needs more brushing up to reach a high standard of driving to ensure a 1st time pass.)

1 Week Driving Crash Courses (Fasttrack your Driving Test!)

Learn to Drive and Pass your Practical Driving Test with a 1 Week Driving Crash Course.

Our patient and highly professional Driving instructors will get you moving quickly giving you the confidence and skills to pass your Driving Test between 3-7 days of Driving.

10-15 hours (3-4 days)
20-25 hours (4-7 days)
30-36 hours (7 days and 10 days) for complete beginners.

Discounted Intensive Driving Courses are available in some areas.

Residential Driving Courses

(2,3,4,5,6,7 Day Crash Courses) are  provided in Blackpool,Manchester,Cumbria,York,Kent,Bristol,Cardiff.

 1 Week Guaranteed Pass Driving Course

Are available to complete beginners.Please contact us to discuss further. We offer one of the cheapest Guaranteed Pass Driving Courses.

We also provide Weekend Intensive Driving Courses and Semi Intensive Driving Courses to learner drivers who cannot dedicate a week to a driving course due to other commitments ie work/college.